1. General
    1. The Conditions of participation of Art Arnhem apply to both users of the stand insofar as the Conditions of participation are not dominated or rejected by the provisions below.
  2. Definitions
    1. The first participant is the artist who shares the stand with a colleague.
    2. The Organisation consists of the people who give Art Arnhem form and content. The Organisation can be reached by e-mail (info@artarnhem.nl) and by telephone (+ 31 162 521 500).
  3. Larger stands can be shared
    1. Only larger stands from 1 x 5 meter and 2 x 4 meter are eligible to be shared with one colleague.
    2. The organisation determines the number of stands that can be shared with a colleague. As a rule, this is 5 to a maximum of 10% of the total number of stands.
  4. Balloting
    1. (Also) the work of the colleague is balloted, in the same way as the first participant.
    2. Simultaneously with signing up by the first participant, the first participant gives the name of the colleague and the colleague follows the same signing up procedure as the first participant.
  5. Rejection of registration
    1. If the colleague is not accepted to participate, the participation of the first participant remains valid.
  6. Responsibility for the stand
    1. The stand will be in the name of the first participant.
  7. Communication
    1. Only the first participant will be contacted by the Organisation with information about the fair.
    2. The first participant has the task to inform the colleague.
    3. If the colleague has questions or remarks, the colleague communicates with the Organisation via first participant.
  8. Attribution on the stand
    1. The stand will be in the name of the first participant.
    2. For a fee of € 35,- the name of the colleague will also be mentioned on the stand.
    3. The name of the colleague can be mentioned in the stand by the first participant or the colleague himself if the applicable rules are respected – see the Conditions of participation.
  9. Mentioning the name on the floor plan
    1. The name and stand number of the colleague are mentioned on the floor plans.
  10. Publicity in the catalogue
    1. The work of the colleague can be shown in the catalogue.
    2. This can be done with marketing and promotion package A at € 89,-.
  11. Listing on the website
    1. The colleague can be shown with name and work on the website of Art Arnhem.
    2. The colleague will also receive instructions (via the first participant) from the Organisation.
  12. Registration and participation costs
    1. The colleague has to pay the registration fee upon registration.
    2. No participation fee is due for the colleague.
    3. The first participant and the colleague can divide the participation fee themselves.
    4. Only the first participant will be invoiced (also for the colleague).
  13. Final determination
    1. In case of uncertainty about the scope of these provisions or if there are questions that are not answered by these provisions, the first participant can send an e-mail to info@artarnhem.nl.