1. General
    1. If an artist has registered himself for participation in an art fair, something can happen due to which the participation has to be canceled. In these Terms and Conditions you find the conditions for taking out and having the insurance which will pay the participations costs (so with the exception of the registration fee) in case an artist is not able to participate in the art fair.
    2. The insurance applies only to the art fair for which it has been taken out, one of these six fairs: the Annual Dutch Art Fair/ ADAF, the Nationale Kunstdagen, the EuropArtFair, Art Arnhem, Art Eindhoven or the Brabant Art Fair.
  2. Insurance contract
    1. Taking out insurance is done via the participants application form for the art fair, therefore simultaneously with the application for participation in the fair.
    2. The insurance policy is irrevocable i.e. the insurance remains active until the last day of the fair and the fee must always be paid, the paid fee is not refundable.
    3. In the case that the artist only has to forfeit a part of the fair (say one or two days depending on the duration of the fair) the insurance will apply proportionally (33% when a third is forfeited, 50% in case of half, i.e. one day of a two day fair).
  3. Payout
    1. The insurance will pay out the full participation costs (not the registration costs) which the participant is obliged to pay to the fair organization at the moment of cancellation, minus € 100,- (VAT excl.) own risk.
    2. The right of payment via the insurance will be lost in case the notification of cancellation is not made within 5 days after cancellation.
    3. Notification of cancellation must take place via e-mail (, indicating the fair and the reason for cancellation.
    4. Valid reasons for cancellation which are covered by the insurance, are illness of the insured (doctor’s statement required, from a different doctor than your own general practitioner), death of a relative in the first degree, serious events in the immediate vicinity, including a burglary in the own home, storm or fire). Among other things, if a car does not start, a child has to do an exam, another job is given priority or a pet has died and insured wishes to cancel participation in the fair, the insurance will not pay out.
  4. Cost
    1. The cost of the insurance equals 5% of the total costs payable for registration and participation in the fair.
    2. The person who signs up for the insurance will be billed for the cost of insurance.
    3. The insurance starts at the time of notification, payment of the fees will take place at the same time as the cost of participation.
    4. If at the time of cancellation the participation fees have not yet been paid, the cost of the insurance should still be paid, together with the user’s own risk. The one who cancels participation, gets an invoice.
    5. When payment of the fees is not made in time, i.e. within the payment period set by the fair, one loses concluded the insurance, the right to a payout in the event of cancellation of the participation.
  5. Other provisions
    1. The reason of cancellation must be unknown at the time the insurance is taken out. Also, they may not be anticipated.
    2. These General Privisions are not a complete record of all the circumstances that may arise in relation to the insurance.
    3. If any provision in these General Privisions should not apply to the other provisions continue to apply.
    4. In cases issues are not covered by these Terms and Conditions, decisions are subject to the discretion of De Kunst Collega’s B.V.
    5. The Dutch version of these conditions is leading.
    6. The Kunst Collega’s is not an insurance company as defined by law. The Kunst Collega’s therefore is not included in the register of DNB.